His current interests include studying the psychological sources of political passivity and cynicism, how a broader and more nuanced understanding of human motivation can revitalize and animate progressive organizations and significantly improve their success in engaging large numbers of people in a movement for social change, strategies through which right-wing media trigger and exploit our psychological conflicts, frustrations, and fears--including our sexual longings and fears--to move their own agenda, how deep psychodynamic insights into why people suffer and get in their own way, and how they can change and grow can be translated into forms useful to progressives, both in terms of better understanding the world and changing themselves.

Dr. Bader’s interest in integrating psychology and politics has been grounded over the last 10 years in his work with the Institute4Change.  Established in 2003, the i4c was initially based within the largest and fastest growing labor union in the country, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  In recent years, the Institute has functioned as a free-standing and independent non-profit, offering its services to a range of leaders and organizations in the progressive movement.  With Dr. Bader, the i4c believes that change requires bringing together insights and expertise from multiple disciplines and, as such, has a distinguished faculty of practitioners and academics from the worlds of community organizing, psychology, theater, organizational development, executive leadership, and politics.

Dr. Bader splits his time between San Francisco and Grass Valley, California.

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